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  • What equipment does my child need?
    Kit List Swimmers will need the following items in training sessions: • Swim Wear (shorts/ costume) • Goggles • Kickboard • Pullbuoy • Fins/ Flippers • Water Bottle – Water or Squash Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own kit, but we can lend kit to swimmers during sessions, if required.
  • What types of competition will my child particpate in and what is the entry process?
    There are a range of competitive meets that your child may participate in. Open meets: Any swimmer can enter a level 4 or 3 meet. There are generally no qualifying times (although there may be upper times and a swimmer can occasionally be too fast). Qualifying times are required for level 1 meets. Check the events calendar for upcoming galas and their levels. An email will be sent out providing entry details. Paper forms can be then handed to the competition secretary and money paid in cash or by BACS. Read more about licensed meets here Yorkshire and North Eastern competitions: A swimmer will need a qualifying time to compete at these. You can check the times that your child will need on the Yorkshire ASA site, and your child's current times on their asa rankings page. However, the competition secretary will inform you if your child has achieved the times and will then invite you to enter the appropriate competitions. Interhouse galas: These are internal galas that are run quarterly. Swimmers will compete in a range of races. By achieving certain times in the 200m Individual Medley and 100m Freestyle they will be able to move squads. Look at the progression times page for more information and the events calendar for upcoming dates. It is important to note that these times are used for club purposes and will not appear on asa rankings. However it is still important that swimmers try to attend, particularly if they wish to progress to a higher squad. These are held on training nights and an email will be send out providing details. Club championships: An annual event held in November which covers a range of stroke and distances in both individual and team events. Results are announced at the presentation evening which is held every January. An email will be sent out asking you to confirm which races your child would like to enter. There is no cost. Barnsley Minor League: A range of girls and boys are selected (based on their times) to compete against other clubs in their league. There are three events per year and you will be emailed if your child is selected. It's a really fun event so do try to attend if you do get the email!
  • Where can I find my child's results and how do I understand them?
    We publish results of all competitions on our results page. These include licenced meets, Interhouse swims, club championships and any individual swims undertaken during a BML competition. You can also find results of any licenced galas on the British Swimming website rankings page. These will also have performance graphs so it is worth looking at this page. When we compile results we always convert the times from a short course time to a long course time and vice versa. The theory is that a swimmer goes faster in a 25m pool (short course) than a 50m pool (long course), but a converted time can be used by clubs and swimmers. This swimming time converter will explain more. Because we use all results, whether they are licensed meets, interhouse or club champs results, and we automatically convert them, the PB's (personal bests) that we highlight on our results pages may occasionally look different to the ones on the official rankings pages.
  • How can parents be involved?
    Without the involvement of parents there would be no club! There are a number of ways that you can help: Poolside helpers In addition to our coaches, we rely on parents helping on poolside by reading swimming sets out. It really isn't scary and you don't need swimming knowledge. If you are interested just ask and we can show you what to do! The Committee Everyone is welcome at a committee meeting. Come along and be involved in any decision making. Meetings are held every month and dates can be found on the calendar. Committee positions may become vacant and you can find out more about these at the AGM which is held every spring. Interhouse and club championships Running these events requires the help of many parents. The main role is timekeeping. We will give you a stopwatch, and again, will show you what you need to do.
  • Puberty (including periods and useful products)
    The welfare team have put together a document that tells you everything about puberty, and for the girls, information about period products including swimwear. FINA and Swim England are now fully on board with these items.
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